MayaCast – A strangely familiar Infinity Podcast

Welcome to the home of MayaCast – An Infinity: The Game fan podcast by hosts Tom Schadle and Kip Parcell.

Many of you will remember us from the O-12 podcast. Tom has disassociated himself with Romeo Filip, so obviously could no longer continue doing that podcast. Instead, we intend to re-start our podcasting efforts here.

The mission of MayaCast is to grow the Infinity: The Game Community. We are fans of the game, the background, the models, and the staff of Corvus Belli themselves, and want to share our love and enthusiasm for this fantastic table top 28mm miniatures wargame, set 175 years in the future.

It may take us awhile to get started, and we certainly won’t be as polished at first without the use of the corporate, professional sound studio at Battle Foam. But we will do our best, continue bringing the content and banner you’ve come to expect, and will grow and improve with each episode.

The best part is that we will be free from any corporate constraints, and until we get our own advertisers (if ever), you won’t have to hear any shilling or advertisements! This will be 100% by us, for you, in support of our friends at Corvus. Not for any hope of monetary gain, or to push a product – but simply for the love of Infinity.

Thanks for listening!

6 responses to “MayaCast – A strangely familiar Infinity Podcast

  1. *slow claps*

    Well done those men, well done those men.

    Smart move I’ll not beat on a dead horse but I think the decision to disassociate from Romeo and by extension Battlefoam is a sound one.

    Looking forward to your usual high quality work less the advertisements.



  2. I always liked to listen to you guys and I will keep faithful to your podcast. Will CB still give you support in terms of preview release knowledge.

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