Keisotsu Butai by Tom

Tom painted up some Keisotsu Butai to run demo games with.

Only four of the models will be used for the demos, but he figured he might as well paint all five at the same time.

The one-piece sculpts of these older models is really nice to use for Demo game models!

The Black-Grey pants were based black, and then highlighted with:

  • Vallejo Model Colour 862 Black Grey
  • VMC 992 Neutral Grey
  • VMC 990 Light Grey

The Orange-Red armor was based with VMC 814 Burnt Cadmium Red. The darker Vallejo reds cover over black primer in a single coat, which makes them great starting points for building up red or orange colors. Then the color was built up with:

  • P3 Skorne Red
  • P3 Khador Red Base
  • GW Blazing Orange
  • VMC 911 Light Orange
  • P3 Heartfire (barely there)
  • VMC 949 Light Yellow (very little – glints!)


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