5 responses to “KipAlephGroup

  1. What are the two options used for basing? Both look very dramatic and fit very well with ALEPH, and they both have a huge impact on the overall composition of the individual figures and of the battle group.

    Just curious, what’s the reasoning behind not being consistent in the battle group?

  2. I will answer for Kip – The tan/grey hex-bases he was scratch building each out of plastic card – took FOREVER. The shiny acrylic were designed in Correll Draw and cut on a laser. He just switched basing styles recently, and hasn’t gotten them all converted over yet to the acrylic. That’s all.

    • The PlasCraft stuff are about 1″ hexes – and Infinity bases are 1″, so… the texture is too large to really work for bases. SOMEBODY needs to do hex-textured sheets in a smaller pattern, though!

      You can get them directly from Kip. $13 for 10 25mm and 4 40mm (I believe). Email Kip@MayaCast.com

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