MayaCast Episode 05 – Operation: Icestorm

This episode is all about Operation: Icestorm (as well as all of your myriad drink recipes)!

Tom and Kip discuss July and August Releases, the Operation: Icestorm boxed set, and upcoming changes to the Infinity rules as we transition from 2nd Edition to 3rd Edition.

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MayaCast Episode 05 – Operation: Icestorm

0:00:30 – Introduction

Warsenal Comanche Terrain

Dragon Forge Design – New 55mm Bases!

Omega Prime

Desert Wasteland

Concrete Rubble


Slate Wasteland

Ancient Ruins

Tech Deck

Operation: Icestorm

Infinity Official Forums

0:23:28 – Infinity Intel

June Release: Suryat with HMG

July Releases

Raktorak Sergeant Major with Vulcan Shotgun

Antipodes Assault Pack

(Ghulam Infantry Support Weapons Box – Missile Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Hacker, HMG)

(Thamyris the Aoidoi)

(Zuyong Invincible, Terra Cotta Soldier with HMG)

August Releases

Bootleg Penthesilea

Neoterra Bolt – Cosplay Edition

Operation: Icestorm!!!

CSU (Corporate Security Unit)

Nomad Starter Pack

PanOceania Starter Pack

Reverend Healer

Father Knight

Yojimbo boxed set (4 models)

Kotail Mobile Unit (2 combi rifles)

1:15:00 – Mission Debrief

Sad days for Kippers.

1:25:20 – The War Room

Smoke rules clarification

Spanish wide-open terrain

3rd Edition Rules Changes







Max Modifiers

Initiative declaration

LT Special Order

Loss of LT

Surprise Shot

AD: Combat Jump


Sniper Rifle Range

MSV 1 & 2

2:14:04 – MayaCast MasterClass

Assembly Tips





2:26:45 – MayaCast Libations

At the time of recording, there were many drinks. But there can be only one.

2:48:10 – Outro

Listener Emails MayaCast


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3 responses to “MayaCast Episode 05 – Operation: Icestorm

  1. Did you notice the change in the template size? You seemed to have glossed over it when you did the unboxing. It is about 1/8 of an inch larger all around maybe a 1/4 inch total diameter change. Just goes to the smoke discussion.

    Keep up the great work. If you do cut down the overall length of the podcast maybe consider a second episode for the missing content. As it will definitely be missed.

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