MayaCast Episode 06: GenCon Recap

Tom and Kip discuss ALL of the news, rumors and tidbits of information from Corvus Belli’s visit to GenCon 2014, including more rules from N3!



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3 responses to “MayaCast Episode 06: GenCon Recap

  1. 3 hours 10 minutes in, I am wondering if he means not the actual Veteran skill, but the distinction of Line Troops, Veterans, etc,. So it makes that distinction have a purpose.

    • To put this comment into perspective, go to their Army Builder, and go to tab at the top that says “Classification” and there is an option for Support, Line Troops, and Veterans along with many more. So the Veteran units in a Vanill a Haqqislam army are the Kaplan Tactical Services, Janissaire, Ahl-Fassed, and Azra’il.

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