MayaCast Epsiode 14 – Merry Christmas, and a Happy N3!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! In Episode 14 Tom and Kip talk about media that makes us think of Infinity – Books, TV Shows, Movies – for your Holiday Season downtime enjoyment. Then we have our Naughty and Nice lists for 2014, and finally we catch up on some listener emails. It’s all sprinkled with holiday cheer, and we’ll be back in 2015!

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Dire States Houston – Battle For The Bayou


MayaCast Episode 14

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6 responses to “MayaCast Epsiode 14 – Merry Christmas, and a Happy N3!

  1. Great show guys. Pretty good Infinity like computer games are the Shadowrun games. Fairly simple turn based tactical combat but great stories. If you like William Gibson I think you will like them.

  2. Oh and when you did your films, I was expecting Blade Runner. Great episode which I enjoyed more for the extra content about what makes us think of it. Playing wise I think X-Com feels similar in gameplay mech.

  3. I’m a bit late with the media suggestions. Great movie that has plenty of Sci Fi and a TAG – “District 9”. This is a must watch. Made by the guy who did Elysium but before Hollywood came in and messed up his stories. Great book with plenty of Infinity esq Sci Fi and HI – “All you need is kill”. Tom Cruise turned it into an ok movie. The book is short and is one of the best sic novels I have ever read. Excellent book about humans reaching another planet and killing each other – “Salt”. They’re stuck out in the middle of nowhere and start beating down on each other Ariadna style.

    Great show guys. Keep up the good work.


  4. Karl Urban played Vaako in Riddick (chronicles of … and the follow up “riddick”. Yeah +1 to “almost human”. He’s also “Bones” in Star Trek, and Dredd in that film. He’s everywhere. He was also in those LOTR movies.

    I quite liked Caprica, also. The Tauron language was ancient greek – I only just watched the extras for this show – which throws a nice twist into the mob side story (not the usual “sicilian” connection).

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