MayaCast Epsiode 15 – Taking on N3

In this Episode of MayaCast, Tom and Kip rate the December releases, let you know what to expect in January, and start talking about the brand new Infinity: The Game Third Edition! This time they cover the basic overview of the product, as well as the basic core rules and Common Skills available to everyone – What has changed, and what they have noticed from the games of N3 that they have played. Just like everyone getting used to the new rules, and trying to break old habits, they will probably make mistakes along the way, but come join them on their path of discovery!

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Dire States: Rumble on Route 66


MayaCast Episode 15

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3 responses to “MayaCast Epsiode 15 – Taking on N3

  1. Did nobody mention the trailer for cyberpunk 2077 ? cyberpunk 2020 was a classic rpg back in the day .
    Cyberpunk 2077 Cinematic Trailer .

    miracleofsound .CITY OF NIGHT – Cyberpunk 2077 Song .

    he does a lot of cool game ,film & tv show themed songs .

    Hppy new year and keep up the good work .

  2. Overall I like the new rules, a lot. One of my beefs though is definitely the new dispersion rules. My friends and I are considering a simple house rule. Dispersion direction remains as stated in the rules, but distance is determined by rolling d20 and moving that many inches.

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