MayaCast Episode 29: Ariadna Profile Changes

In Episode 29 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip discuss the changes to Ariadna profiles for Infinity: The Game Third Edition. There is also a glut of event announcements, some hobby talk, and listener emails!


Battle for the Empire State or on The Forums

East Coast Rumble

I-4 Invasion

CMON Expo featuring the Secure the Perimeter Infinity Tournament

Battle Front 2015 

Adelaide Rising

Sydney [Dual Core]^2 Doubles Tournament

Ordo Fanaticus

Mayhem in the Music City

Shooting the Bull



The Norwegian Jade

Captain Spud’s Classified Objective Deck

Bubblegum Crisis – Priss vs Largo

Bubblegum Crisis – Moonlight Rambler

Human Sphere Rules

Campaign Paradiso/New Rules


MayaCast Episode 29

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