MayaCast Episode 35: Mercenary Changes

Tom and Kip are back, wrapping up the N3 profiles changes series with their review of the Mercenaries. They discuss the latest Infinity: The Game happenings including rules clarifications by Palanka and the announcement of Human Sphere for Third Edition. There are listener voice mails, listener emails, and events – so many events! They also announce a new (non-painting) contest.


Sydney [Dual Core] Doubles Tournament

ITS at Empire Games in Mesa, AZ

 ARCON Gaming Festival


CMON Expo featuring the Secure the Perimeter Infinity Tournament

Infinity Boot Camp at Beasts of War

Scarlett Johansson is F**king Hot Tournament

Warzone: Midlands Mayhem

Operation: Firestorm

Ordo Fanaticus


Midwest Massacre


Interplanetary Tournament

Salt City Gladiator Games

Games and GearsCon

Michigan Grand Tournament



Optimised Human Sphere/Campaign: Paradiso Rules

Rules Questions Answered (Forums)


MayaCast Episode 35

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