MayaCast Episode 39: Special Terrain Rules and The Armory

Episode 39 of MayaCast is about the Special Terrain Rules section of the rule book, as well as the ITS Mission, The Armory. There’s also a tasty beverage – The Kippuccino! You will have to wait one more week to see who won the Q2 MayaCast MasterGlass painting contest, though. Of course there are Event Announcements, listener voicemail, and listener emails.


Warzone: Midlands Mayhem

Operation: Firestorm

Ordo Fanaticus


Midwest Massacre

114° In The Shade ITS


Interplanetary Tournament

Salt City Gladiator Games

Games and GearsCon


Strategicon Gateway 2015

Michigan Grand Tournament

Infinity National Team Challenge



Broken Egg Games Infinity Tray

Valkyria Chronicles

WGC Infinity

Optimised Human Sphere/Campaign: Paradiso Rules

Rules Questions Answered (Forums)


MayaCast Episode 39

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