MayaCast Episode 40: July New Releases

In this episode, Tom and Kip rate the June Releases, and tell you about what’s coming out in July (which is no surprise to anyone) as well as some other cool tidbits of information coming from Corvus Belli for Infinity: The Game. They announce the second quarter MayaCast MasterGlass winner – 3 winners, 5 honorable mentions and 2 random prize draws! Then they remind you of our current art contest, as well as announcing the Q3 MasterGlass contest. Finally, the boys wrap things up with some listener emails, and all of the Infinity events happening this summer around the world.



Operation: Firestorm

Ordo Fanaticus


Midwest Massacre

114° In The Shade ITS


Interplanetary Tournament

Northern Open

Lords of War Weekend

Salt City Gladiator Games

Old Town Infinity

Games and GearsCon


Strategicon Gateway 2015

Michigan Grand Tournament

Infinity National Team Challenge



Warsenal USAriadna Bases

WGC Infinity

Optimised Human Sphere/Campaign: Paradiso Rules

Rules Questions Answered (Forums)


MayaCast Episode 40

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One response to “MayaCast Episode 40: July New Releases

  1. Getting started with Infinity minis, I picked up a H&S Infinity CR plus 2 in 1 and a Renegade Krome 2 in 1. The Infinity is on a whole different level from the Krome. In every way the Infinity outclasses the Badger. Trigger response, the way it feels in your hand, build quality, and most of all the ease with which you can swap needles and clean the airbrush, all better on the German airbrush. The Badger can produce fine results. The Infinity does too, but is also a pleasure to use.

    I sold the Krome on ebay (for a profit! The Krome is in high demand), and picked up a H&S AL plus to have a 2nd brush. This cheaper H&S brush is just as good in terms of trigger response and all. It uses the same mechanism.

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