MayaCast Episode 42: Frontline and Highly Classified

Tom and Kip go over two ITS Missions for Infinity: The Game by Corvus Belli – Frontline and Highly Classified. There are also some listener emails, and of course the list of upcoming Infinity events around the world. Don’t forget about the SpecOps art contest, due before GenCon and the Q3 MasterGlass contest: Fireteams!

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Heavy Infantry

John Horton
Mike Stevens
Bill Evans
Rand Eaton
Matthew Hauser

Medium Infantry

Derek Schmidt
Dylan Friesen
Ryan Numrich
Bob Fletcher
Josh Coates
Lone Pathfinder
Killian McKeever
Brian Aherne
Neill McManus
M Neville
Preston Thomas
Dan Bearss
John Persson

Light Infantry

Luke Taylor
Nat Lanza



114° In The Shade ITS


Interplanetary Tournament

Northern Open

Lords of War Weekend

Salt City Gladiator Games

Old Town Infinity

Games and GearsCon


Strategicon Gateway 2015

Michigan Grand Tournament

Infinity National Team Challenge



Infinity on Beasts of War

WGC Infinity

Optimised Human Sphere/Campaign: Paradiso Rules

Rules Questions Answered (Forums)


MayaCast Episode 42

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