News From The Front Writing Contest

As announced on Episode 45, MayaCast is pleased to present the “News From the Front” writing contest!

200-Word limit, in character Infinity vignette from a reporter, WarCors, or entertainment personality in the style of the news blurbs found throughout the Infinity fiction.

“It’s raining again? How do they expect me to keep a decent hairdo in this backwoods piece-of-crap planet? And who was the genius who came up with the name Paradiso?”

Go-Go Marlene in an unaired cut of the Go-Go Marlene Show. Channel Fussion main archives.

Entries are due by the end of September. Send them to Tom @ and Kip @

Thanks to listener Rolf Kunisch for the great idea AND his generous donation of a GoGo Marlene Blister as the prize for this contest!


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