MayaCast “News From The Front” Contest Entries

Here are all of the wonderful entries we have received for our “News From The Front” writing contest. Up for grabs is a Limited Edition “Go-Go Marlene” miniature, generously donated by listener Rolf Kunisch!

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Feliciano Bethencourt

“The hallways and corridors of a spacecraft are serious shit, the explosions are more potent, the bullets ricochet in unexpected angles, killing guys who thought they were safe. Flamethrowers, shotguns and chain rifles turn into meat grinders. A hit on a weak point of the hull and the de-presurization sends to hell entire parts of the ship and all the suckers running through them. The life expectancy is measured in seconds.

Luckly we are from Corregidor, we own this kind of combat, when there is rumble in space, we play at home, compadre.

One of the best things in this life is to pilot a Gecko in close quarters, the sheer terror on the enemy’s face when they see something that big cruissing where they thought only infantry could go is priceless. Have you ever seen a Morat whimp and cry like a little bitch?  I have, and the only think better than that is to fill them filthy monkeys with schrapnel without even aiming…”

-Extract from the enterview with corporal Alonso Miranda, Gecko Squad leader, for the documentary “Combat Zone: Acheron” directed by Hugo Stern for Maya and Arachne.

Bryant “Claudius Sol” Vichainarong

“Why did I join? If you can’t tell from my ‘exceptional ability’, I used to be a member of the Capsules.
It was either the prison, the Kuang Shi project, or the Aragoto corps.
At least the Aragoto corps still lets me ride. Only problem is that Paradiso isn’t exactly tire friendly.”
-“Kaneda”, in an interview with Sabot! regarding Yu Jing contribution on Paradiso

Preston Thomas

“We have some juicy gossip for our readers today!

Word on the street is D’Archilles is breaking up! Joan was last seen riding off on the back of Kasym Beg’s bike (Oh my, I guess she likes the bad boys!) It was reported to me that Achilles fell to his knees apparently begging her not to leave. That poor man, how could anyone do that to him!

My sources tell me that he now seems to be recovering from the heartbreak and is preparing for an unveiling of his new self. He was last heard saying that he felt like a “changed man”. I don’t know about you ladies but I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us! If he is better than before, I don’t know how I will be able to keep my composure! And who knows, maybe Achilene will be the next Human Sphere supercouple! I guess only time will tell…

This has been GoGo Marlene with your entertainment news.

Oh, and Achilles, call me, heehee!”

Gavin Sullivan

“Renaldo Guevara reporting from Paradiso.

For the past week the tension has been growing like a jungle weed. Aliens were nearby and a sort of stalemate had settled in… until last night. I can’t reveal much, the aliens are monitoring us; best guess, our advance troops have been playing a game of cat and mouse with the enemy scouts. But who is the cat? …the mouse? This dashing reporter doesn’t know.

Seven hours ago the brave fighting men and women of the Human Sphere surged into the jungle.  All media, including yours truly, has been prevented from getting closer.  I think we’re winning. Yesterday, this was a staging area for low ranking soldiers and officers; today, there’s high ranking brass.

Look, a supply unit! Let’s get a few words. You there, what’s your name and what do you do?”

Unknown voice: “I’m Bob… Bob from Accounting”

“Hi Bob, what’s an Accountant doing this close to the front?”

Unknown voice: “Counting”

“Counting? Counting what? Wait, you’re not from Accounting, Sweet Mother of…” [Highly feminine scream, then unintelligible gurgling]

-Transcript of unpublished recording. Verified as Renaldo Guevara, timestamped 14 hours before Guevara’s scheduled interview with O-12 High Commissioner.


Gavin Sullivan

Sir, we’ve been overrun! It’s the Ariadna Marines!  They’ve killed most of our squad and they’ve taken the Lieutenant hostage.  They’re demanding an exfiltration ship… and a pallet of crackers.

– Sergeant Clarkson Miles, 7th Fusiliers, Distress call made to the Scout Ship POS Nirriti


Gavin Sullivan

We thought the worst was over, we hadn’t won, but we thought we’d held them back… we was wrong.  The Line Kazaks and their leader, a Veteran Kazak, was just keep’n us busy, they could’ve smashed us anytime.  Instead they just waited and watched… then the killing machines materialized behind us… IN our bunker.  Two Spetsnaz had silently killed half my squad before anyone even knew they were there.  We thrown down our weapons and surrendered… I peed my pants.

–         -Excerpt from “Dark Men, Dark Times.  The unauthorized stories of the most feared soldiers of the Human Sphere”


Gavin Sullivan

Son, you’ve heard me say, never put your dick in crazy. Well when The Krug gets to our system you are going to see a whole new level of crazy.  Keep your pants on and your wits about you, unless you want your dick enshrined in a jar on Bakunin while you’re still here working in the mines.

–          Sage advice overheard in the week prior to the arrival of all three Nomad ships for their Krug


Joshua Hill

Bat Boy found on Paradiso!


That’s right!  After being listed as MIA for over 175 years, the Bat Boy has been found!

​A source within the Hexahedron has informed us that a squad of heroic NeoTerra Bolts, found the legendary Bat Boy dwelling in a cave on Paradiso. The last known whereabouts of Bat Boy was in the mountains of Afghanistan in the early 21st century, fighting in the Afghan War.

When asked about his long absence and even longer life, Bat Boy had no answers.  All he can remember is exploring a cave, when suddenly he woke up and found himself on a strange planet 175 years in the future!

Due to his previous experience in guerilla warfare, Bat Boy was asked by Capt.Tabitha to join the fight against the dreaded Combined Army.  However Bat Boy declined the invitation stating that he couldn’t fight anymore because, “I’m a *SCREEEEECH* lover not a fighter *SCREEECH*”.  When asked to elaborate, Bat Boy only stated that he and a Caskuda, rejected from her fleet had fallen in love and settled down to live in peace.

We wish him the best of luck!  I’m sure we’ll be seeing him again.


Matthew Wright

In today’s news, fighting broke out near a mining facility in Caledonia.  Numerous civilian casualties were reported.  Also killed in the attack were members of a Caledonia investigative unit and their security force.  Caledonia administrators reported that a company owned by the Yu Jing government was illegally mining in restricted areas.  An investigation was launched finding evidence that the company was using forged paperwork to mine in the area.  The investigation was halted when Yu Jing security forces attacked.  Yu Jing officials deny any involvement in the attack.  O12 officials have begun an official inquiry at this time.

A representative of the Yu Jing government released a statement condemning the Caledonian reports stating “The outrageous claims made by these unscrupulous administrators is just another attempt to destabilize the region and cause further violence.  The evidence they are providing came directly to them from Pan Oceania mining conglomerates who are trying to force out our perfectly legal enterprises.  They are the architects of this dispute.”

Ariadnan officials have sent a rapid reaction force to the area to protect the local citizens from further violence until the dispute is settled.

This has been your 30 second news update from Radio Free Ariadna.

Francis Stabile

»Today we have the review of the movie “The Regular: The Sequel: The Morat Always Shoots Twice”. It puts the Regular agent Tom Parcel in a middle of a plot for a Morat overlord to dominate all of the human worlds.

»This movie for WaterWorld Productions has everything you want. Action scenes with the Better- Than-Life Studio from Aleph, to romance with the sensual Odalisque Zayb. Comedic relief with the agent Cranium, the incapable spy from Yu-Jing.

»The evil scheming Morats are trying to invade by posing as regular Antipodes from Dawn. But Agent Regular identifies the menace even when the corrupt government of Dawn puts hurdles in his way.

»As sure blockbuster for this summer. All Pan-Oceania will be waiting for the third instalment “The Secret of Space”.

-Robert Balmer, Critic for the Today in NeoTerra show


Brandon Newburg

It’s This PanOceanian Life — I’m Ira Glass VI — Today’s show — how PanOceania, the greatest power in the Human Sphere, fell so far behind the academic curve. Why are other nations, like Yu Jing and Haqqislam, so far ahead of us in medicine and technology?

Act one. The military.

We spoke with “Angus,” a former Private in the PanOceanian army.

“Sure, they teach you how to shoot a rifle, but a bullet grazes my leg, the ‘doc comes to patch it and I get an aggressive infection and die. Oh, I have a Cube, but have you ever gone through reincarnation? It’s not a pleasant experience.”

Angus is speaking about the under qualified medical staff that is deployed to the front line. He has a number of stories about things like that. Stories describing how efficient the army is at eliminating enemy forces at range, but how woefully inefficient they are at taking care of their own. How they rely on technology instead of thinking on their own,

More on that from WPNO Santiago, it’s This PanOceanian Life. Stay Tuned.


George Tukums

*****Special Report from GoGo Marlene reporting live from the front***** “Hello everyone, Gogo Marlene here with a special report.” “I’ve been reporting from the frontlines to bring you news regarding the heavy fighting and I’ve been embedded with almost all of the various factions in order to bring you, my faithful audience”, she winks into the camera, “an unbiased view of the fighting. Every unit I’ve been with has called me an “HVT” and every time I ask what an “HVT” is people look away and change the subject.” GoGo looks exasperated before continuing. “I know I’m valuable”, she winks again at her camera bot before continuing “ but it’s almost like I’m some sort of a TARGET! Every time I’m travelling with a unit they start digging in but tell me to keep going towards the enemy and then all of a sudden I’m in the middle of a firefight! It’s a wonder I haven’t been KILLED yet!” “Remember, if I’m with your unit, keep me” the view shakes back and forth “oh, and my camera bot, safe! That’s all for now and remember, if you’re not getting it from MayaNet, you’re not GETTING IT!” Camera fades out.


Vaughan Keyburn

In breaking news a revolutionary new fashion trend is sweeping Panoceana Fusilier cores. Troops are Infuriating their superior officers by wearing their berets to the right.
Our reporter on the ground managed to ask a group of soldiers why they were adopting the controversial new style. “We saw one guy doing it and though it looked so different.. so cutting edge… It’s great to stand out”
This is one trend I’m happy to let slide. I for one am keeping my hat on a jaunty angle to the left.
Panoceana Military Police have issued a priority one warrant for the arrest of Fusilier Angus XXXXXX (LAST NAME WITHHELD)
He is wanted in relation to disrupting the peace and inciting revolutionary behaviour from within the Panoceana fusilier barracks.
They advise he is to be approached with extreme caution as is believed to be armed with a powerful hacking device.
This has been Melanie Benedek Reporting for channel PsicoRama, Good night.
cid:image007.png@01D0E3FB.29E0D000NIGHT VISION FOOTAGE


Robert Bent

Tom kept his head down peeking his camera out around the corner. He saw in his cam the elegant form of an Aleph woman calmly walking through a hail of fire her spitfire blazing though a cloud of smoke at the combined army In front of her and as she did the return fire slowed and the fire that did seemed to bounce off her.

And where the heck was Kip. Tom swore under his breath, Kip was such an idiot running out into the line of fire yelling back something that Tom could not hear under the roar of fire. Just then kip came flying back over the fallen tree on the outskirts of town that tom was hiding behind.

A Giant Smile on his face kip turned to Tom. “No worries I managed to save the two best bottles of whiskey from the local bar we will be fine for tonight.”

Tom shook his head and kept filming until the fighting stop most all the Pano forces dead but the Aleph forces survived the combined army’s attack. The populace came out of their hiding spots. Toms face turned white though then as the Aleph forces open fired again.


Matt Chaffee

Free Press

<<<Media Feed analysis commencing…Audio decrypt available>>>

…orrespondant Rubello on the sight of a major explosion at a factory in the Sho-jin district. There are bodies everywhere. Emergency crews have been attempting to control the fire since the explosion lit up the Paradiso skies at 0457 this morning. We’re told that the blast was strong enough to shatter windows as far away as 3 kilometers.

<<<Emergency response siren detected…Post edit amplification recommend>>>

…itizens are asking, .”what could have happened to have caused this level of devastation?” Our initial reports are indicating that several transport auto-cars were seen crashing through the facility’s front gates just 20 minutes before the blast was heard. We have just now confirmed that several armed individuals…

<<<Angry commands detected…Mandarin…Authoritative>>>

…and we have obtained the surveillance footage to prove it.. What? Yes we’re allowed to be here. This press pass is current. Dave, are you getting this?

…No you can’t have my fucking camera!You have no idea who you’re dealing with, the 0-twe…

<<<Gunshot detected…burst fire…screaming…recommend post-edit removal>>>

…Oh god, Oh god….Dave run! get to the..they’re trying to stop…

<<<Angry commands repeat… Single gunshot…Agonal respirations>>>

<<<Video hack logged…source tracked…dispatching sterilization team.>>>

<<<Media feed terminated…no circulation>>>

Timothy Linward

“We were somewhere south of Deadwood, riding underneath the moss-choked black canopy of the Eastern mountain forests at two hundred miles an hour in the great Red Hog, when the drugs began to take hold. Suddenly all of these vast winged things with the faces of dogs began swooping and wheeling and diving at the car, and a voice yelled out from somewhere, “For God’s sake we have to get away from these beasts!” My attorney, who was applying a thick local moonshine to his armpits and around his neck as a measure to protect him from the native bloodsuckers, looked up from his work and said, “Why are you shouting you fool?”

“You take the wheel.” I said. I pulled the car over to the edge of the highway and let it roll to a stop in the shadow of the rotten trees. I didn’t tell him about the bats. The poor bastard. He’d see them soon enough.”

Hunter S Thompson Recreation, reporting the Mint 4000 Desperado rally in Tombstone, only on Arachne


Casey Roberts

“Speculators were sent scrambling today when preternatural pin-up Penthesilea was seen sporting apparel from Taylor Bostoria’s [TBF] new health-monitoring fitness clothing label “Authentic Action”. Investors expect 15-18% gains in stock prices as Penthesilea’s legions of teenage fans flock to copy the warrior princess’s immutable style on and off the battlefield.”

Latest report from Rob Goodwell, Mayanet Money

“When will you open your eyes to the reality of AI control?! Sports, entertainment, fashion, music – all are subtle tools for Aleph to manipulate the human sphere. The AI monster doesn’t need to seize control of stock markets or strong arm the government; it already owns the human mind. Humanity, blinded by sensationalism and the latest fad, has been brought into compliance with Aleph’s goals through the power of pop-culture.”

Expert from Felix Seporia, Bakunin Free Editorial

Tyler Day

“…in other news: The Grand Opera House here in San Pietro is the centre of excitement and controversy tonight. That’s right! This evening is the NeoTerra premiere of the “VaudeVille Carnival”; Bakunins’ travelling bizarre of performers, entertainers and artists the likes this planet has never seen. The controversy surrounding tonights performance is centred around a few of the artists who genetic and technological modifications have been deemed immoral and possibly illegal. So much so, that many of the performers needed special Visas just to set foot on NeoTerra. Despite the protests this evening premiere has been sold out for months and is expected to be attended by many of the planets top celebrities and politicians. It is truly shaping up to be the social event of the season. More on this and post show reactions at 11.” An excerpt from the NeoTerra 6 o’clock evening news

Graham Ayling

“This is Larry-D, reporting live and direct to your cerebrum from a shanty town outside Wuyi city. There’s an ominous pall of smoke on the horizon. Hordes of migrants pour through wrecked security fencing. Yu Jing forces are powerless to stem the tide of humanity rushing the sub-orbitals bound for PanO territory. Humanitarian crisis? Or covert invasion? We’ll be right back after these messages.”

“Is this supposed to be espresso?”
“Because there’s milk dumb-ass.”
“Oh, hell yeah, I can hit you. Get me another.”
“So, anything on the feed to trump that Go-go bitch?”
“No. I didn’t watch the briefing. That’s your job.”
“Frontline troops? Its going down here?”
“Three kilometres away, oh fine. Call the ship, I’m leaving.”
“Screw the report, I’ll green-screen it. We’re in sniper range.”
“No, I didn’t see that in a briefing.”
“You still rolling? Because, if..”
“Whoa, forget it, get her in shot. It’s my lucky day.”
“Yes, again……and you just lost your ride out.”

“Hi there beautiful, Larry-D. I make you famous, get you visa, yeah?”
“Huh?… What’s up with your…?”
“Oh god.”

>Transcript of viral clip “Speculo-tive pitch” intercepted by Imperial Service.<

Fumitaka Hayashi

Keisotsu Gui Feng Yuriko Oda : ”It is a great honor serving with you, Musashi.”

Miyamoto Musashi: “I seek greater battles, greater challenges, to make me stronger.”

Oda: “I notice you do not use smoke grenades.”

Musashi: “Such cowardly tactics are beneath me.  There is no greater thrill than staring into the enemy’s eyes as I rush towards them to challenge them in close combat.”

Oda: “But I notice you have a flash pulse.”

Musashi: “…. I do not care if they are unable to stare back.”

— a brief conversation during a lull in battle, undisclosed location

Lars Molls

“We are reporting live from the industrial sector where a large explosion has claimed the lives of at least seven Panoceanian citizens this morning. One of the victims is the by now presumed dead Senator Sampson. He was visiting the area for one of his famous anti-cube campaign speeches. Most of his bodyguards were also killed in the explosion. As a blessing in disguise, all warehouse workers in the adjacent storage building had just left due to an unannounced fire drill or we would have seen even more casualties.
We managed to arrange an interview with a live witness of the disaster. Mr. Bob A., an accountant who just started working in the office building right next to the still burning warehouse.
What? What do you mean he‘s gone?
I am terribly sorry, but it looks as if Bob is not available for an interview at this moment. He seems to have vanished during all the chaos that is still raging around here. We will try to find him.
So long and back to the studio.”
From “Live News Bloopers and Epic Fails”, an Arachne favorite.
Henry Durand
“Sorry to break in, but we’ve got an urgent traffic alert, so listen up. USAriadna Route 1 between Riverside and Mount Zion is closed west of the Coca-Cola plant due to an antipode incursion. Our boys, and girls, are responding. We’ll let you know as soon as the road is reopened. Stay tuned to Radio Free Ariadna for the latest news, and the best classic rock. This alert is brought to you by Vicky’s Diner,  home of the best damned shakes in all of Washington. And let me tell you, the burgers are great too! Now kick back you hound dogs, and enjoy some hits from the King…”
Nathaniel “Abe” Lincoln, host of the Morning Cruise show on Radio Free Ariadna, “The Voice of Freedom”
Goran Narancic

It was on the 7th day of the enemy offensive. Or it might’ve been the 8th. Avatar broke through our lines and a small Aleph team was diverted to help; no heavy weapons but the High Command was desperate enough to send anything.

As soon as they arrived, Asura engaged the beast. She quickly closed the distance, even damaging the beast, but then she took an explosive round to the chest. The beast picked her up, her left arm missing, her entrails spilling to the floor. It boomed: “I will be humanity’s first god, first real one. Your feeble machines cannot stop me!”

However, she was not gone.The contempt in her voice was almost a weapon by itself: “Humanity has had enough false gods – it needs none.” She then ripped off the facial plate and sprayed the nanites on the damage. The beast fell after this. Then and there I understood why they were known as Asuras, the Haters of Gods.
Unnamed officer, interviewed after the Second Paradiso Offensive

Dave Seitz
That’s right, Bob, we’re downtown with a squad of the 507th Fusiliers regiment. We’ve been allowed to accompany these brave soldiers as they repel an unprovoked attack by alien forces. We’ve caught sight of horned figures moving through the city, using viral weapons on civilians. Our soldiers have been also been disarming biological mines found littered along the city streets. Bear with us Bob, we’re getting word that a nearby building has been cleared of threats and is ready for us to enter. We’re going inside now…

You can see the remains of the bio-symbiote armor these aliens rely on, blown to pieces here. Clearly no match for –wait, what’s that!? Oh, uh, sorry Bob, it’s not one of the aggressors. Actually, it’s almost kinda cute. C’mere, lil guy. Where’d you come fr- oh, fuck! Jesus Christ, it exploded! What the fucking hell, man? Ahem, Bob, I don’t know if you saw that, but the creature just exploded right in front of us and…. Christ….oh God my head. My head is…pounding…AAAAUUGGH! Sweet Jesus help me! My skin is on fire! I can’t…can’t… AAAAAAAUUU-*

  • Channel 3 News From the Front unaired broadcast, first recorded encounter with Tohaa “SymbioBombs”


Mark Stone

I’m sad to report that this is our last legal transmission. That’s right, the man is finally shutting us down. If you want to hear DJ Paradise, you’re gonna have to work for it! I’m coming at you now from behind enemy lines, through heavy [ERROR].

The point is you are being lied to. The aliens are not invaders. Reports and rumors of civilian casualties and mind control “voodoo tech” are exaggerated or completely false. The only danger you’re in is in from O12 forces who are willing to kill their fellow humans to [SIGNAL LOST]. That’s right – it seems like the aliens are more humane than some of us are.

My advice to you is to shelter in place. Do not follow instructions to evacuate, or your broken body might be used as “evidence” in the smear campaign against our new friends. The emissaries of the Evolved Intelligence look frightening at first, but they are not the enemy. You will find that you can communicate with them. You will [SIGNAL LOST].

Repeat! This is my last transmission. The aliens are not the real threat – the O12 is!


Ian Lathem

Flashpoint Svarnheima –

Tensions continue to flare as Yu Jing forces on Svarnheima continue to protest the “Uprovoked Atrocity” committed with the destruction of a medical research lab. The pictures of Neoterran forces near the bunker containing the laboratory timestamped shortly before the detonation have continued to support their claim while the Hexahedron has remained silent.

Insider sources however have just broken that silence and provided documentation that has tracked several black market shipments of silk and other drugs marketed from Bourak through the Corregedor fleet have shed new light on the situation, raising allegations of the development of new bio-weapons to be used in conflicts on that planet. For a full transcript of the shipments and further photographic evidence revealing the true extent of the experiments being completed click below

Disclaimer: These images could be offensive to some viewers, age verification required and viewer caution is advised.

Continue to full Story >>>


Rafael Sabino

“What the hell is that noise?”

“Another Alguacil believed that rumor that pupniks had T-rex vision.”

“That’s half a dozen this week. How many idiots are going to buy that a drugged up murder furball can’t see you if you don’t move?.. Anyway does this mean I will be filling out a lot of messy paper work?”

“No boss, we managed to calm the pupnik and stabilize the Corgy half an hour ago.”

“Then is going on with the screaming?”

“Reverend Healer Caroche just started began her required examination.”


Conversation between Moderators Alba and Valerys, The Sif Krug, Day 3


Olivier Cauchois

“Our next story goes to show how crazy these nomads are!

Ten newly trained Spektr were found dead aboard the Bakunin ship. It appears that these crazy koalas wanted to lift the veil on the Moira’s underwear. The spektr hierarchy refused to comment. But you know your Gogo Marlene, I am always on top of things! According to my sources aboard the Tunguska ship, these newbies had bet the position of lieutenant to whoever would discover the truth under the Moira’s robes. They thought that their TO camo would protect them but were a little too drunk and ended up in a reverend healer dorm. The blood stained quarter showed that TO camo does not cover the smell of alcohol…

How can one forget that these witches are called reverend healer KILLER! Nomads are craaaaazy!

This was Gogo Marlene reporting! Always first on essential news!



Edward DeGuzman

Local Favorite Under Siege ­­ JW Tanner Paradiso Taco was the site of a tense standoff today as elements of the alien Morat Aggression Force stared down against an unofficial allied force comprising units from every faction in the Human Sphere taking part in operations on Paradiso. The standoff lasted 2 hours when the aliens suddenly retreated. The motives for this unusual move by the Combined Army has analysts puzzled and according to unnamed Panoceania and Nomad xeno­linguistists the retreat was prompted from an order that roughly translates to “Stop thinking with your damn stomachs.” In the only official response to the incident , USARF Lt. Ross Stamper said “I’m not surprised by the Mo­Rats actions, those tacos are delicious.” and goes on to assure the local populace that the unofficial no­fire zone around Paradiso Taco remains in place.



Olen Gravel

What it’s like as a WARCOR? I’ve never been so disconnected, unclean, and sleep deprived than I was on Paradiso. Having the chance to be embedded with Corregidor Jurisdictional security forces was a mental and physical crucible. It was the most dangerous and difficult assignment of my career as a correspondent. Most of my time was spent living out of the back of a NOE (nap-of-the-earth) Combat Transport known as an NCT-40 from the 40mm weapon systems on both side hatches. We’d always mounted up in a hurry for jarring and uncertain rides into marked conflict zones. When there was shooting, I’d take cover and tried to stay out of the way as best I could while my Hanzo Model SR Mark II would buzz above recording as much as possible. On break, I set up a comm link and transmitted live, reporting what I had seen and experienced since last online. I’d interview one of the team allowing them to talk about their jobs and say hello to folks back home. Sometimes it’s harrowing; mostly it’s like nothing else you’ll ever do in the news. KIBWE, Martin WARCOR, Tunguska – Arachne Interview


Jason Brown

Further information has been released in regards to the Neema Saatar abuse allegations after the report that she had sent a triad of makauls to their deaths to find out what underwear Achilles wears. Our sources state that she has been sending kotails to steal van Zant’s Cigars, and is quoted saying, “I don’t smoke these things, it’s just funny.”


Locky Carter

“I will go, I will go

When the fighting is over,

Tae the land of my clan.

That I left tae be a soldier,

I will go, I will go. –chorus


When the marshal came along,

And they called us all together.

Saying, brave highland ones,

Will ye fight for Ariadna.

Will ye go, will ye go.




I’ve a rifle in my hands,

A sword in my scabbard.

The O-12 on our backs and,

And my wages in my pocket.

I will go, I will go.




When we embarked, for abroad,

The masses were singing.

But the tears came tae their eyes,

When the bagpipes started ringing.




When we landed on new worlds,

And saw the alien terror.

We knew that we would fall,

And remain there forever.

But we go, but we go.


I will go, I will go.

When the fighting is over,

Tae the land of my clan.

That I left tae be a soldier,

I will go, I will go.”

ballad sung by Caledonian’s after the first paradise offensive, believed to be based on an ancient Scottish song.


Locky Carter

“Flames engulfed an immigration center in downtown Asimov during the early hours of this morning.

In response, Mayanet is ablaze with public speculation that radical supporters of the pro-humanity political lobby GENOME are accountable.

GENOME is vocal in its desire to see a limitation on the involvement of the artificial intelligence ALEPH in the day to day running of Asimov as well as standing against what it sees as the introduction of dangerously hedonistic ideals being brought to Asimov by an influx of Nomad immigrants, in particular those hailing from the spacecraft Bakunin.

GENOME has previously been suspected in numerous acts of aggression against members of the migrant community as well as being implicated in political coercion of pro-immigration politicians.

Elizabeth Staberinde, the chairwoman of GENOME released a statement condemning the attack and suggesting that accusations being made against the lobby group were politically motivated attempts to discredit the group.

Regardless of their involvement in this latest act of violence, one thing is certain, Tensions are likely to increase for the foreseeable future as more Nomad immigrants arrive on Asimov and GENOME continues to become a political force to be reckoned with.

-The Social Report, on Maya, channel forty two.


Norton Roughley

We are live at the Mirage hotel where the largest conference between Space North Prime and numerous interstellar companies has come under attack. They were all competing for the lucrative contracts for the new space trade routes between Svalarheima and Acontecimento.

The conference has been cancelled due to an attack from previously unknown creatures. From what we have been able to piece together the creatures are bipedal mutants probably of human origin spliced with some alien entities. It is reported that the creatures breached from the maintenance tunnels beneath the hotel where they started to attack staff before moving into the Conference centre.

Intelligence reports have confirmed that security forces have put down the last of the hostile human alien hybrids. The hotel is now currently in lock down as more of the injured and dead are being transported to the nearest medical facilities

Latest reports of at least 200 dead, number of injured yet to be confirmed.
Among the confirmed dead is the president of the SNP


From the Clandestine acquisitions Nomad – Panoceania economic incidents


Igor Hamzic

“Allah, this humidity is oppressive!” – thought Saleh as he sat on his motorcycle, smoking and waiting for the order to begin the attack. Around him other members of his unit were joking, brawling and doing all the things the Kum do. He smiled because he knew they will not let him down. They were his brothers and sisters and he could count on them to get the job done.

Suddenly the order came over the secure channel and Saleh barked: “Mount up! Ride like the wind and strike like the hawk. Hiiiiiyaaaaa!!!”

The Kum scrambled onto their motorcycles and a fantastic roar of machine fury was unleashed as they started their machines and raced towards enemy lines. And Saleh roared in laughter for this is what Kum are made for.


–          Excerpt from the novel “Wind of Fury”, based on the experiences of Saleh Naziri, Kum chieftain


Igor Hamzic

Members of Hunzakut battalions have been deploying mines and booby traps for the better part of the past week in the outskirts of Ishmalyyah. Engineer battalions have been constructing strong points and creating clear zones with good fire lanes all across the city.

We have already started evacuation of the civilian population and only the most critical members of the emergency services will remain.

If the reports are true the alien enemy has started a new offensive and despite the best efforts of the faithful they are expected to break through the lines soon.

This time we will not be so ill prepared for the alien scum.


Daily briefing, Haqqislam HQ, Ishmalyyah, Paradiso, 3 days before the battle for Ishmalyyah, 2nd Paradiso Offensive

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