MayaCast Preview: Clausewitz Uhlans

Today, MayaCast is proud to share with you the long-awaited and much anticipated Clausewitz Uhlan!

“Acta non Verba”
(Action, not Words)

-Motto of the Uhlan Regiment

96d- Uhlan Dossier 2015 Gris

96f- Uhlan3D

“The Uhlan Regiment originating from the Clausewitz citadel in Aquila (Neoterra) is the most famous anti-tank Armored Cavalry unit in PanOceania. As TAG destroyers, its primary function is to provide anti-tank support during combat operations. The pilots of this regiment receive specific training based on hunting and stalking hostile TAGs and armored vehicles. Their operational doctrine encourages movement and the establishment of favorable positions from which to block off an enemy offensive. Its function is so specific that they are not meant to participate in assaults or frontal offensives, as is the case with Squalo series TAGs. On the contrary, an Uhlan is a lightweight, highly mobile unit that only needs to maneuver until it reaches a position of tactical domination where it will camouflage itself to ambush an enemy TAG. These machines move in the middle of smoke and the heat of battle as silently and fluidly as the shadow of a large predator. Thanks to the expertise of their pilots and to their advanced concealment devices, the Uhlans become invisible hunters and stealthy assassins.”

-Human Sphere N3

We think the render looks FANTASTIC, and cannot wait to get this amazing model! Let us know what you think in the comments below, and be sure to tune in later today for Episode 77 of MayaCast!

4 responses to “MayaCast Preview: Clausewitz Uhlans

  1. “These machines move in the middle of smoke…”
    Pano gets smoke?! :O
    (only in fluff text… 😛 )

    Anyway, gorgeous, can’t WAIT to paint one and put it on the battlefield!

  2. Holy Smoke! I’m glad I’m a PanO player. I give the render a 5! Can’t wait to see the real thing.

  3. What is it standing on? seems to have mechanical/hydraulic/pneumatic parts…

    And has the unit name on it’s base too?!

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