MayaCast Episode 80: HSN3 Part 3 – Faction Profiles (Part 1)

Now that’s a title! In Episode 80 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip discuss the profiles from HSN3 for PanOceania, Yu Jing, Ariadna, and Haqqislam. They talk about what changes were made, what’s new, and what roles these new troops can play. There is a warning to PanOceania from Ariadna Commander Garabay, an excellent Infinity song parody (lyrics below), and time for a few listener emails!

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MayaCast Episode 80

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Slaget om Stångebro

De Taffelridder

Operation MOM

Rumble in the Rock

Mayhem in the Music City

The Infinity Tournament For World Domination

Rolling With the Rogues

Infinity at Anzac Cup

Beerfinity – Newcastle Legions

Battle For The Bayou

LOTR Utrecht

Blood In The Sun 

Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge

Exeter Infinity Summer Campaign Challenge

Slightly Warmer Than Carbonite ITS



ITS 2016 PDF


Warsenal App

WGC Infinity


Ryan McCormick
(original “Bugatti” by Ace Hood)

Damn, life can flip in a matter of nanoseconds
One morning you waking up in the academy
And the next, you wake up next to a wrecked 1.2 billion dollar dronbot
How did I get here?


I come looking to fix some Mulbots,
Touch the good stuff, Sarg said I could not,
He said I got an empty tool box,
But at the club I take them Fuel shots…


I woke up with a new Fugazi,
I woke up with a new Fugazi,
I woke up with a new Fugazi,
I woke up with a new Fugazi,
I woke up with a new Fugazi!

Ok, classmates be hating I’m dumb as a brick,
I broke my visor with tactical link,
Machinist my codename, barely on the list,
Teachers all hate me, I’m asymmetric,
Oh here I go to the bar going in,
Take a Fuel shot getting dizzy and when..
Pathfinder bot, Sierra bot,
I just want to work with the big toys again!

Juri gave me a warning, my head is fuzzy no knowledge,
Acontecimento College,
I start to think I’m William Wallace,
Tuition cost me a fortune,
Special forces gon’ make me remorse this,
Got my Palbot as reinforcements,
This will be my best performance,
Ducking on people like Moiras,
Cravin to work on them horses,

I’m gonna drive fast and I’m not gonna wait,
Jumped on the bot and we hit 108,
Sergeant behind me do they want to race?
Drone lose control and I flip on my face,



Heavy Infantry
Guillermo Hernandez
Sarah A Thompson
Damion Spearman
Bill Evans
M Neville
JP Meisenburg
Dexter Esmaya
JR Gonzalez
Mark Jeffrey
Scott Yanos
Sterling Rutherford
Andy Akins
Matthew Hauser
Mike Stevens
John Horton

Medium Infantry
Tor Swanson
Bryan Zoleta
Jordan Mechanic
Stefan Moser
Duncan Coltharp
Shay Wallace
Dan Warner
Doug Dear
Eddy May
Cameron Ax
Dan Lee
Cody Konodi
Jeremy A Kofoot
Chuck Cordivano
Emil Scott
Frank Washburn
Brian Sant
Matthew Webb
Keld Hjortskov
Alexander Haynes
Reece Gordon
Dylan Gould
Fabian siemon
Thomas Ryan
Ben Addison
Christopher Menking
Niko Nevala
stuart hale
Bradley Ingram
gaspard levavasseur
Joel Craig
David LaVigne
Jamie Armstrong
Gavin Willins
Chris Sprules
Sam Benson
Jeffrey Flint
Nathan Wise
Todd Thorhauer
Andreas Ringqvist
Dawfydd Kelly
Dan Barnaby
William Burch
Rob Bent
Rolf Kunisch
Nathan Carraway
Eric Olds
Fenge Jørgensen
John Persson
Preston Thomas
Killian Mc Keever
Brian Aherne
Neill McManus
Lone Pathfinder
Nat Lanza
Bob Fletcher
Derek Schmidt

Light Infantry
Patrick Chambers
Adam Duncan
M Kevin Chau
James Garfield
William Pitts
David Jarrett
Matthew Dickson
Tom Killingbeck
Derrick Cochran
Phil Brown
Brendan O’Connor
Luke Taylor

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