MayaCast Episode 85: Sectorial Fireteam Options – Part 3

In Episode 85 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip continue talking about how the Sectorials got treated in HSN3, and what Fireteam options are available to them. This time it’s the Corregidor Jurisdictional Command, Shock Army of Acontecimento, and the Imperial Service. There is time for a couple listener emails, and of course Patreon raffle winners from May!

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MayaCast Episode 85

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Blood In The Sun 

Montcon Mayhem

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Salt City Gladiator Games

ITS at Harlequins

Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge

Exeter Infinity Summer Campaign Challenge


Slightly Warmer Than Carbonite ITS

2nd Annual Great Lakes O-12 Proxy War

The Iowa Incident


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Infinity Army 6

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2 responses to “MayaCast Episode 85: Sectorial Fireteam Options – Part 3

  1. Hey guys. Love the podcast. Thank you for all the good work. I play Acontecimento and I like your fire team analysts. Quick comment about Bagh-Mari Haris team. You made some pretty good options for them but you never mentioned that you could save some SWC by using Stephen Rao. He cost 0 SWC, has haris in his profile and cost the same and the Bagh-Mari with the haris option; both 23 points.

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