Arizona Armageddon Sponsor: Black Sheep Industries

Another incredible sponsor for Arizona Armageddon is Black Sheep Industries!


Luke is an awesome, local guy who makes very cool, affordable MDF terrain. Check out his Clones of the Operation: Icestorm and Operation: Red Veil terrain in MDF! So sweet!



Luke also produces these amazing boxes designed for Infinity with custom-engraved lids that flip over to be a tournament tray for your minis!




You can see there are several layers for storage of tokens, templates, tape measures, dice, Classified Deck… ALL of the stuff you need play Infinity in one handy carrying box you can transport easily from table to table during an Infinity tournament!





It just so happens that this box fits inside an Infinity Alpha Bag; sure it takes up space, but you’re left with more than enough room for foam for your two lists of minis.

Make sure to check out Black Sheep on Facebook, and message him for your Infinity terrain needs!

Thanks for your support, Luke!


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