MayaCast Preview: Overdron Batroid

“Beyond appearances, there is always something beautiful and stunning about exceptional tools, those machines which are ideal to carry out their assigned duty. The Overdron Batroids are pieces that represent the perfect connection that comes about unintentionally between functionality and design.”

91-Ovedrone Batroid Dossier 2016 Gris

“They are immense, crude and slow compared to other Batroids. However, just a simple glance will see both the most sophisticated art lover and the most demanding gunsmith overcome with awe. No designer has bothered to soften its techno-organic shapes and no artist has balanced out the sheer volume of muscles that grow so quickly but these represent a celebration of beauty that lacks any aesthetic charm.”

91-zOvedrone Batroid 3D

“In other words, it’s functional beauty.”


“They do what they aim to do in an excellent way – the Overdrons have no purpose except to destroy and this is something they do perfectly. It’s not surprising that the Ur grew fond of these Batroids as the Overdrons respond and destroy in a most excellent way.”

Excerpt from A Cynical Gaze Upon the Universe, by Cal3fex Observer, Cultural Gnomon of the Second Transversal Matriarchy


This bad boy is FIERCE!

Maybe we should start a petition to get those TinBots made as plushies! Totes Adorbs!

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