MayaCast Episode 133: Altered Carbon

In Episode 133 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip explore ways to play Infinity the Game beyond the ITS. They talk about Infinity Recon, YAMS, the 20 x 20 Mission System, and ways to juice up the regular ITS with different list-building criteria, adding mayhem, or choosing missions. Next episode, they will dive into all the different types of campaigns!

Yes, we are aware that the Wu-Tang Clan is East Coast.

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MayaCast Episode 133

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Infinity RECON at Kessel Run Games

7th Annual Bugeater Tournament

Eugene Infinity Highlander Tournament

Mayhem in Music City: More Mayhem!

Summer Escalation Campaign at Next-Gen Games

Twinfinity Open

Return of the Humble Rumble

The SFG – Spelföreningen Gillet Summer Joint Operation

Salt Lake Showdown

Stardust Series ITS Event

Gateway Open

Southeast Slam!

Infinity at Wet Coast

Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge

GenCon Infinity


Infinity Recon

YAMS 2.0

20×20 Mission System

Infinity Rules

HSN3 Rules

Infinity Army 6

ITS Season 8: Tagline PDF

Tagline: Narrative Special Event


WGC Infinity



Heavy Infantry
Medium Infantry
Guillermo Hernandez
Tony Fern
Dexter Esmaya
Mark Wilson
John Horton
Michael L Bohr
Rasmus MacDowall
G Patterson
Matthew Hauser
David Melville
Lewis Frasch
Loralee O’Brien
Mr G R Fawcett
JR Gonzalez
Sterling Rutherford
Mike Stevens
Light Infantry
Simon wellsted
Alexander Irwin
Liam S Allman
Michael Gatzke
Zenon Berg
Tomáš Gregovský
William Moses
Carl Cedergren
Operation: Battle Ready
Pete KH
Charles Badger
Leif Hendricksen
Dave Holliday
Chris Johnson
James Chauvaux
Dave Cooper
Sam Benson
Andrew Hopwood
Shay Wallace
Samuel Wright
Tim Andresen
Armin Bayer
Bret Carlson
Sarah A Thompson
James Negus
JP Meisenburg
Anthony Careatti
Daniel Joelsson
Patrick Chambers
M Kevin Chau
James Garfield
William Pitts
David Jarrett
Matthew Dickson
Phil Brown
Brendan O’Connor
Luke Taylor

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