MayaCast Mushashi and Friends V Foundation Charity Auction

MayaCast is having a charity auction to benefit the V Foundation for Cancer Research for a Miyamoto Mushashi miniature, painted by Tom. One of our generous Patreon supporters who won the monthly painted mini donated his painted mini for the cause (thank you, Greg Fawcett).

Then WarCor Sterling Rutherford offered up his entire collection of painted JSA models for the cause – some painted by him, some painted by Tommy Back.

And then artiste extraordinaire Florian Stitz kindly donated an original piece of art of Mushashi to be included as well!

The auction is now live on eBay, and you can find it HERE.

Even if you cannot participate in the auction, every dollar counts – so we have also created an event page on the V Foundation website where you can donate any amount – Found HERE.

Let’s see how big of an impact this amazing Infinity the Game community can have in the search for a cure!

And now the pictures…

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