Daedlus’ Fall Pre-Order

From Corvus Belli:

We are pleased to inform you that from next March 11th to April 1st, a new Corvus Belli pre-order will take place.

· DAEDALUS’ FALL Book – This is the latest expansion for INFINITY. The new campaign book (+1 exclusive miniature BRAWLER HACKER only during pre-order). Daedalus’ Fall is an Infinity’s expansion campaign book that includes new unreleased background material and new campaign rules that will be the joy of all players.

· SPIRAL CORPS ARMY PACK– Army pack box that includes 10 miniatures (+1 exclusive miniature HATAIL SPEC-OPS only during pre-order). 
Spiral Corps belongs to NA2 (the non-alligned armies). It’s composed of veterans of the Tohaa Army and some human mercenaries who operate in the Human Sphere following a secret mission.

· DAEDALUS’ FALL Bundle– For all those customers who decide to get both products they will also get the limited edition miniature SAITO TOGAN, MERCENARY NINJA.

All these miniatures, armies, expansions, fluff and rules will be described in detail in the next upcoming themed week of videos on the Corvus Belli Youtube channel to be published on Monday March 11th.


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