MayaCast Episode 283: Prize Fighter

In Episode 283 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip have a little hobby discussion about requiring painted minis for play and scoring before celebrating Christmas in July by giving away a sack full of prizes to the Q2 MasterGlass winners and our Patreon supporters. Winners of Q2 are announced and the new theme for Q3 is revealed!

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MayaCast Episode 283

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Heavy Infantry
JR Gonzalez Mark Jeffrey Greg Fawcett R MacDowall Michael Bohr Sterling Rutherford Greg patterson Juri

Medium Infantry
Lewis Frasch Rob Bent Nathaniel Lanza William Burch Rolf Kunisch Andreas Ringqvist Brian Aherne Emil Scott Preston Jacka Reece Gordon matt chaffee Thomas Terrafan Bryant Vichainarong Preston Buck Shane Leonard Mike Moran Hugh Severin Joachim Forsberg Ian Campbell Dmitry Bogdanov Bruno de Kort Aaron F David Seley Michael Sibilia Donovan Williams Brian Alter Bermen Wong Todd Walker Killian Mc Keever Michael A Wenski Michael Strauss Jon T Marc Lococo James Redmond Jennie Magee Chris Crane Christopher Parris Nina Delcavo Olen Gravel Mark Meyer Nicholas Irish Benjamin Grosek Robbie Rauch Kristian Haggren Adriel Colon-Casiano Mike Beyer Rolf Hausser

Light Infantry
Dexter Esmaya James Chauvaux Chris Sprules Samuel Benson Miniatures Alexander Haynes Andrew Brendan O’Connor David Jarrett James Keller Uriah Mach Anthony Careatti Francisco Rivas James Negus Samuel Wright Artimage Zenon Berg Dave Holliday Operation: Battle Ready Dave Sims Darius Wingate-Pearse Stephen McGee Charles Badger Tony Culliford Alex Donald Mark Skinner Spenser Clark Frederick-James Joshua Hatch Simon wellsted Vito Alonso Uribarrena Clay Lundy Tim Edwards James Breitung Corey McCulloch David Peterson Robert Phanelson Andrew Haar Arnd Felten TheClaw Brian Jones Brian Freund Xeko Hughes Nicholas Quenga

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