MayaCast Preview: Keisotsu Butai and Kempeitai

Next month, the Japanese Secessionist Army will receive reinforcements in the form of a Keisotsu Butai box! But this set is unique in that it will include three Keisotsu and a Kempeitai.

The Keisotsu are armed with HMG, Missile Launcher and Hacking Device, while the Kempei brings the fearsome Shock Marksman Rifle and MSV2.

The post-Uprising Japanese Society, so strongly influenced by the kuge orthodoxy that exalts bushi warriorship and its devotion to self-betterment, offers few avenues of social advancement more expedient than military service.  For those on the lower rungs of the socioeconomic ladder, the most practical enlistment options are the Keisotsu Infantry Regiments (Butai).  The Keisotsu are the backbone of the Japanese armed forces and the crux of their operational doctrine. The word Keisotsu is a title of honor that translates as “excellent soldier,” a credit to the level of commitment expected of these foot soldiers.  Mindful of their pivotal role in the defense of their nation, Keisotsu are eager to risk their lives on the front lines, always under the command of their bushi superiors.  And risk their lives they do, given the staggering casualty rates suffered by Keisotsu regiments deployed in one “hot spot” after another.  But new recruits know the risks are not without their rewards; the unparalleled honor of serving their Emperor and championing the cause of their nation’s freedom and – equally important – guaranteed social promotion for as long as they survive the gauntlet of fire.

At a glance, one might think the role of the Kempeitai, its very raison d’être, must have been drastically altered since the Uprising. They were, after all, a clandestine organization created to infiltrate the Yu Jing military and take revenge against its abuse of Japanese troops.  Their goals ostensibly achieved, they have now become an active element in the defense of their nation.  The Kempeitai has adopted the trappings and responsibilities of a military police even as their true authority reaches far beyond them, up to and including counter-intelligence and extrajudicial operations.  Their job is to root out and suppress all activities considered anti-Japanese, a term interpreted so broadly it covers not only spies, collaborationists and foreign agents, but any suspect of furthering a pro-Yu Jing agenda or harboring sentiments contrary to national autonomy and the Emperor.  The Kempeitai are in charge of counter-guerilla and retaliation operations, but they are not above deploying alongside the rank and file on ongoing military engagements, which they can assume control of if need be.  The unit has accumulated a fearsome measure of power, in part due tot the fact that any Kempeitai agent has the prerogative to arrest military officers up to three ranks above himself on suspicion of disloyalty.  Enhanced interrogations and summary executions are common practice for them.  As the responsibilities of the Kempeitai have expanded, so has their reputation worsened, but the purpose of the unit hasn’t budged since its inception under the yoke of the StateEmpire: to pursue the enemies of Japan and eliminate them with ferocious implacability.


MayaCast Infinity Preview: Caledonian Mormaer

Today we have for you one of the upcoming May Releases for Infinity the Game – The Caledonian Mormaer with AP HMG!

” Dileas Gu Bas ” (Loyal until Death). Gaelic motto of the First Regiment of Caledonian Mormaers.

In a society like the Caledonians, in which Teseum is the base of clan power, the ostentatious display of this neomaterial is a symbol of both political and military power. For that reason, the Mormaers are the elite of the Caledonian Army. Their armors contain an amount of such incredibly pure Teseum that it offers a protection superior to most of the body armor of the Sphere. The production cost for one of these suits of armor is so high that very few in Ariadna can afford to have it. And the same is true of their weapons, whose ammunition is worth a king’s ransom. It could be said that the Mormaers’ identity is based on Teseum. Because of this, the regimental name, an old noble Scottish title equivalent to Duke, derives from the fact that they are the distinguished elite of the Caledonian troops. Nothing is more prestigious for a clan than to be able to equip and to enlist one of its best men in the Mormaers. Because, in order to enlist in this regiment, the clan is obligated to contribute all of the necessary equipment, weapons, ammunition and supplies for each recruit. This implies a considerable investment in Teseum. For that reason, only the best soldiers of each clan are selected to become Mormaers, many of whom are the most prestigious members of the clan. This is the main reason why the regiment is formed of so many members of the clan elite, and why there are so many family and political ties among them, where few are called by their military rank, being more accustomed to the names “Sire” or “Cousin”. This is why it is said that the Mormaers are the aristocracy of the Caledonian Army. Nevertheless, In spite of being in a line of regiment always deployed when necessary to face exceptional conditions and situations requiring “Victory or Death”, their combat discipline and the quality of their equipment are so extraordinary that their casualty levels are very low, so that their elite identity always remains virtually intact. As complicated as the scenario may be, the Mormaers always impose their own terms, from the beginning to the end of the battle, where the vast superiority of their firepower gives them the first word, and also the last.


MayaCast Preview: Kuang Shi


Kuang Shi was the name zombies received in the South of China, those that had a soulless body. Currently, the Kuang Shi are something similar, political prisoners or recurring offenders, those who disappear in the dungeons of the Celestial Guard, those who have be subjected to deep brainwashing leaving them reduced to mere human shells that only know how to repeat Ministry of Information propaganda.

Kuang Shi Dossier 2018 Gris

The Kuang Shi have been condemned to a postponed, but useful to the system, death sentence. Judiciary specialists convert them into resolute soldiers capable of sacrificing their lives for who they used to hate the most: the Emperor. Thus, the Son of Heaven gives them the chance to become loyal subjects by giving up their lives in order to redeem their error.


After the period of “political indoctrination” and instruction, they are loaded with incendiary explosives, given a cheap Chain Rifle, and assigned a target. The explosive package they come equipped with has a remote activation device. The Celestial Guard in charge of monitoring them also carries a remote control device that allows them to detonate them whenever they want. If the soldier falls the explosives detonate automatically. If the Kuang Shi disband or retreat the detonation device activates as well.


It is easy to suppose that, generally speaking, these individuals never survive their missions. However, the death of a Kuang Shi tends to be a motive of happiness for the other Yu Jing troops because not only does it mean that there is one less traitor, but that by disappearing he will have eliminated a good number of enemies as well.

280399-0702 Kuang Shi

This box includes four miniatures: Two Kuang Shi with Chain Rifle, one Kuang Shi with Boarding Shotgun and one Kuang Shi with Pistol.

MayaCast Episode 161: The Expendables

In Episode 161 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip start discussing the Mercenary options available to factions with the Soldiers of Fortune ITS extra. Speaking of ITS, they talk about the new Achievements and Designated Target ITS articles from this week, have two new events to announce, and pass along the missions for Rumble on Route 66 2018. After re-hashing this week’s games, they also announce the January Releases for Infinity the Game .

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MayaCast Episode 161

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MayaCast Exclusive Preview: Nexus Operative

MayaCast is proud to show off this exclusive preview of the Nexus Operative of the Combined Army for Infinity the Game!

280687-0688 -Nexus Operatives (Hacker)

Nexus Operatives (Hacker)

The Nexus are one of the most valuable assets available to the Supreme Ur forces. They are true experts when it comes to operating in unpredictable environments. Recruited among the Urkherits, one of the Ur’s favorite tool-subspecies, they are tough and adaptable. They have also been improved through special training taught by the sadistic Umbra. The Nexus belong to the explorer class and have been forged for sounding out the universe – sent to the heart of darkness and the borders of eternity and trained to deal with anything they find there…

Extract from “A Cynical Glimpse of the Universe” by Cal3fex Observer, Cultural Gnomon of the Second Universal Matriarchy.


Nexus Operatives (Hacker)

For hundreds of years, the hills that descended from the Udhit Mountain were one of the prettiest, most peaceful places on that unknown planet. Generations of Urkherits enjoyed the splendor of a privileged, calm setting.  It was a prosperous farming community that always respected its gods and worshipped them according to established practices, receiving clear blessings in return. Until one day, when their gods landed on the mountain peak and demanded a tithe of their best young men to accompany them to the stars and serve them there. These young men would learn new things and discover marvelous places. Every season this happened. The ship arrived and the Urkherits offered them a tithe. Brave young men that would never see their home again because all who left to serve in the stars never returned. Even though they were scared to death, all of these young men took up the call because they knew their people depended on them to maintain the happiness and lifestyle of their community.  These fortunate heroes were envied by many people who stayed on the mountain slopes and lead peaceful lives.

Extract from the Forgotten Annals of the T’Zechi Digesters. Chemo-Memory Block annexed by the Supreme Ur Civilization (post-EI).


Nexus Operatives (Hacker)

The young Dakel would die five days later. Despite his apparently good appearance, his internal wounds had become infected and the Umbra schooling process did not consider any type of medical assistance. In fact, only three comrades in Dakel’s tithe would survive, and only two of these Urkherits would manage to graduate. This is an exceptional figure since surviving Umbra schooling was always an extraordinary feat.

Excerpt from A Cynical Gaze Upon the Universe, by Cal3fex Observer, Cultural Gnomon of the Second Transversal Matriarchy.


Nexus Operatives (Hacker)

We think he looks great, and welcome this essential component of the Onyx Contact Force at long last! The Nexus Operative will be available from your Friendly Local Game Store and from Corvus Belli’s online shop on December 15.


Nexus Operatives (Hacker)

MayaCast Preview: Taskmasters, Bakunin SWAST Team

Today we have for a preview of the new Taskmaster from Corvus Belli for Infinity the Game! Nomad players will be happy to know that two different weapon options will appear in the box: Red Fury and Heavy Rocket Launcher! Looks like there will also be a TinBot and two CrazyKoalas included in this box of 4 miniatures.


Praxis exists for cutting-edge experiments, for scientific anarchy. ‘Fringe technology’ means you’re delving into uncharted territory, and sometimes it goes wrong and stops working. Other times, it goes haywire and becomes an almighty problem. When that happens the Moderators are not enough to cut it, so they send the Tasksmasters to save the day.



Our home, the place we’re sworn to protect, is Bakunin. Now think for a second what that must mean. You have VaudeVille, right? Packed with weirdos with exotic implants doing designer drugs, Pupniks who lost their owner—little rascals can be quite dangerous when agitated—, Chimeras high on heck-knows-what… Sounds like a darned pain to police, doesn’t it? Shoot, that’s the easy part. The real nightmare is this place right here, Praxis. This is where you have the Black Laboratories and the real weirdos. This place exists for cutting-edge experiments, for scientific anarchy. ‘Fringe technology’ means you’re delving into uncharted territory, and sometimes it goes wrong and stops working. Other times, it goes haywire and becomes an almighty problem. When that happens, the Moderator Corps is not going to cut it, so they send us in to find the weirdness and beat the devil out of it until it stops acting up. It’s never easy, but that’s why we’re the Special Weapons and Suppressive Tactics team, we’re elite. When you’re up against freaking mad science, you have to make your own rules and improvise. And if every once in a while that means taking a bunch of Morlocks and throwing them into the fray to buy us a few minutes and some room to maneuver, so be it. It’s not going to keep me up at night, and if you folks object to that, well that’s your problem. As I said, we make the rules here. Tell us what’s the issue and we’ll take care of it, but don’t tell us how to do it, ‘cause that’s our job. And believe me; we’re darned good at it.

Sergeant 1st Class Brad Corrigan, SWAST-4. Rogue ontodroids-related incident in the Celestial Choir of the Cosmic Power module. Praxis. Bakunin.


The box of Taskmater with two weapon options, TinBot, and two CrazyKoalas releases officially on October 20, 2017. MSRP is $35.99.


NEW Hassassin Bahram Starter Pack!

Shown off at GenCon, and available next month with the September New Releases for Infinity The Game, is the brand new starter pack for the Hassassin Bahram Sectorial Army of Haqqislam.

The pack includes three Daylami, an Hassassin Áyyãr, an Hassassin Muyib, and an Hassassin Farzan. Check out all of the concept dossiers, 3D renders, and fully-painted miniatures below!