Arizona Armageddon Sponsor: Death Ray Designs

We would like to thank Death Ray Designs for sponsoring Arizona Armageddon!




Death Ray Designs makes MDF and Acrylic terrain for Infinity and other games. Their IN-City and Rust Pointe in particular are perfect for Infinity The Game!

InCity rustpointe

Tell me that Rust Pointe doesn’t look like it’s straight out of District 9! So cool!

Check out the Death Ray Designs Web Site and see all of the cool products and services that they have available! Thank you, Death Ray Designs, for supporting Arizona Armageddon!

Arizona Armageddon Sponsor: Portable Warfare

Portable Warfare is our next generous sponsor for Arizona Armageddon.


Portable Warfare makes storage solutions for your gaming miniatures. Their Blü Foam trays let you customize each to your needs with their pick-and-pluck style. The Sergeant is their miniature case, available in a variety of colors.


They are sending us the APC for one lucky attendee:


“If you are looking for a low cost alternative for storing your gaming miniatures that you can customize, then The APC is your answer. The APC was designed as a budget storage solution that can be used as long term shelf storage or your everyday miniature transport to your local gaming store. It comes with a pick-n-pluck style foam tray that is 1.75″ deep and is almost as large as two normal Blü foam trays. The sturdy, clamshell style, cardboard box offers rugged yet lightweight protection. The APC also serves as a shipping box for your miniatures which is perfect if you are a commission miniature painter.”

Thanks, Portable Warfare for your support of our event!

Arizona Armageddon Sponsor: Dragon Forge Design

Dragon Forge Design is another fantastic sponsor of Arizona Armageddon!

Dragon Forge D blackBG_web

Dragon Forge makes perfectly cast resin bases for all your miniature hobby needs. He even has quite a few 55mm bases just for Infinity players! I use his Omega Prime bases for my Tohaa, and his Lost Empires for my Morats. They’re fantastic!

25mm round base lost empires 1 1


omega set


He doesn’t make just bases, though – You’ll also find terrain pieces like wall sections, display plinths, and modelling supplies.

Make sure to check out Dragon Forge Design today, and support a company that s supporting us!

Thanks, Jeff at Dragon Forge! We appreciate it!

Arizona Armageddon Sponsor: LOSBlock

We are thankful for LOSBlock sponsoring Arizona Armageddon!


Straight Outta Siberia, these guys are putting out some awesome-looking and affordable MDF and acrylic terrain, as well as markers for Infinity The Game and other accessories. Check out this complete pack of all the ITS objectives you’ll ever need!


LOSBlock is making cool buildings and terrain as well – I couldn’t help myself and ordered a grip of these excellent sci-fi wall sections!


LOSBlock also produces these attractive markers for Infinity The Game:


Have fun touring around their website and seeing all the cool stuff LOSBlock is making for Infinity! Also be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks, LOSBlock!


Arizona Armageddon Sponsor: Top Down Terrain

Top Down Terrain makes excellent laser-cut terrain and tools for Infinity: The Game, and we are thrilled to have them as a sponsor of Arizona Armageddon!


If you haven’t seen their jigs for marking your front LOF arcs, you’ve got to check them out! Set in your base, hit with the airbrush through the front window, and boom! Done! Precision and speed.


Want to solve your basing issue and your transport issue all in one go? Their range of Display Stages have you covered. Themed bases that fit neatly into the matching tournament tray make your army look better than ever before, and a snap to take from table to table.


And of course, Terrain. check out their Horizon Divide and Zone 186 lines, and my favorites are their affordable and attractive scatter terrain sets – Mettle Shell and Shatter Vigil!

HDMKI-CH-3 MettleShellSC-4-wmod Section186-MedBuilding1_c2bd7fa7-dca0-45d4-917c-05bd83bd50d3 shattervigil1


We can’t thank them enough for their generous support of Arizona Armageddon! They will have a little something for everybody attending, as well as some winner prizes as well!

Thanks, Top Down Terrain!

Arizona Armageddon Sponsor: GAMEMAT.EU

We would like to thank the next amazing sponsor of Arizona Armageddon: GAMEMAT.EU!!!


GAMEMAT.EU make wonderully textured mousepad-style gaming mats to enhance your gaming experience. Several sizes are available, but as Infinity players we are most interested in their selection of 4′ x 4′ mats – and they are beauties! They are sending us FOUR of their amazing mats for use at Arizona Armageddon, so you will be able to see and feel the quality in person.

GAMEMAT.EU also make a very cool folding table/portable gaming area that comes with one of their mats for gamers on the go! What a great solution for folks that need to store away their play area when the game is done.

Also check out their Industrial Terrain – available unpainted, or delivered painted for just a few Euros more! Very cool! poster

Thanks for checking out GAMEMAT.EU and helping to support the companies that are supporting us!

Arizona Armageddon Sponsor: Impudent Mortal

Impudent Mortal is another generous sponsor of Arizona Armageddon!


Check out all of their super-cool terrain! Lots of cool Industrial and Gotham stuff, and some nifty “near future” buildings as well.


They also have a bunch of different paint racks to help you get your hobby area organized.


Be sure to give Impudent Mortal a look, and help support the vendors that are supporting us!

Thanks, Impudent Mortal!

Arizona Armageddon Sponsor: Systema Gaming

Another generous sponsor for Arizona Armageddon is SYSTEMA GAMING!!


Systema Gaming makes excellent laser-cut MDF and acrylic terrain, and have two great lines perfect for Infinity: Base-0 and Futura City.

SystemaBase0 SystemaFutura Systemamat-1

Check out their awesome terrain and their brand new Base-0 Play Mat, and support one of our generous sponsors!

Arizona Armageddon Sponsor: Mats By Mars

Today’s featured sponsor of Arizona Armageddon is Mats by Mars, producers of excellent wargaming play mats!


With over 20 different textures for their 48″ x 48″ mats, you’re sure to find the right fit for your Infinity collection, no matter the environment!

Check out to see all of their awesome products, and help support a vendor that’s supporting us!

Thanks, Mats by Mars!


You can register for Arizona Armageddon here (only 6 spots remaining!):

Arizona Armageddon Sponsor: Broken Egg Games

Another local Arizona company, Broken Egg Games is generously supporting Arizona Armageddon!


Kip & Tom use their Infinity Tray and Straight Line Pro Laser every time they play Infinity. And the IArc Ninja is the perfect tool for marking LOF on your bases – Make sure to check out their website for all of their awesome products, and give them a “Like” on Facebook!

Thanks, Broken Egg!

Not registered for Arizona Armageddon? You can do that with this Google Form!