MayaCast Episode 123: Alaskan Pipeline

In Episode 123 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip remind everyone of the Quarter 1 MayaCast MasterGlass contest before diving into the mailbag with some emails and voicemails. There is talk of salmon vodka (shudder), some Aleph pronunciations from a real Greek (or is he Australian), and other fun stuff – Including the Patreon raffle winners from February!

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MayaCast Episode 123

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The Rumble on Route 66 2017

Bag it and TAG it

Pilgrimage to Marktl



7th Annual Bugeater Tournament

Twinfinity Open

Southeast Slam!

Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge


Toy Soldier Imports

Infinity Rules

HSN3 Rules

Infinity Army 6

ITS Season 8: Tagline PDF

Tagline: Narrative Special Event


WGC Infinity



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Arizona Armageddon Sponsor: Micro Art Studio

We would like to thank yet another sponsor of Arizona Armageddon: Micro Art Studio!!!


Micro Art Studio are the producers of the ubiquitous District 5 Apartment series of HDF buildings.


They also make many different styles of resin bases.


Their expanding line of Hard-Foam terrain has some really cool pieces.


And of course they also make 15mm and 25mm acrylic tokens and markers with the official Infinity designs.


Thanks Micro Art Studio for the great products, and for sponsoring Arizona Armageddon!

MayaCast Episode 51: Mailing It In 2

In Episode 51, Tom and Kip once again listen to Listener Voicemails and answer questions from our Listener Emails. All manner of topics will be covered from hobby tips to tactics to army lists to tournaments… you name it, it’s on there.

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MayaCast Episode 51

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Michigan Grand Tournament

Burque Blitz

Redstone Rumble

Moondoggy’s Brass Balls Challenge

Massacre at Maplewood

Karargah Grand Infinity Tournament



Iowa Incident Mk 2

Infinite Life Tournament

Infinity Beginner’s Bootcamp

Advanced Deployment Food Drop

Re-Roll Weekend

ITS at Flipside Games

Infinity National Team Challenge





Warsenal Starter Tokens Bundle

Infinity Marker Sheet Creator Tool

Deep Cut Studios Gaming Mats

WGC Infinity

Optimised Human Sphere/Campaign: Paradiso Rules

Rules Questions Answered (Forums)



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MayaCast Episode 03: PanOceania, ARO and MDF

Episode 3 is up and running, ready for your ears to devour it. It’s a massive beast at over 3 1/2 hours! Enjoy!

In this episode, Tom and Kip discuss May and June new releases, preview two new 3rd Edition rules, cover the background of the PanOceania faction and talk about Paradiso missions 202 and 203. Then we offer some advice for AROs and how to deal with Total Reaction, talk about painting MDF terrain and announce the winner of our painted miniature contest.




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MayaCast Episode 03


0:00:31 – Introduction

DataSphere Online Infinity Magazine –

Tom’s Painting Blog – Tom Schadle Miniatures

Burque Blitz – June 21 @ Active Imagination in Albuquerque, NM

Connecticon – July 10-13 in Hartford, CT

GenCon – Registration now open! PM Magno to volunteer.


0:22:55 – MayaCast Libations



    • 1-2 sprigs mint leaves
    • 2 oz White Rum
    • 2 oz Pineapple Simple Syrup
    • Juice of 1 Lime
    • Club Soda
    • Mint Sprig

Muddle mint leaves with some crushed ice in cocktail shaker. Fill shaker with ice.

Add rum, pineapple simple and lime juice. Shake very well.

Strain into glass filled with fresh ice. Top with club soda, stir, and garnish with large sprig of mint.

0:30:27 – Infinity Intel

Rate the May Releases


June Releases

    • Ariadna Scout (Blister of 1)
    • Ghazi Muttawi’ah (Box set of 4)
    • Suryat with Combi Rifle and Flamethrower (Blister of 1)
    • Nikoul Sniper (Blister of 1 Sapper – NEW Tohaa troop type)
    • Agema Marksman with Multi-Sniper Rifle

New Rules for 3rd Edition!

    • Ambushed Camoflage
    • Marksmanship Level 1, 2, 3

Winter is Coming – Something comes to Svalarheima in the next few months – follow Infinity on Facebook!!


1:05:14 – Infinity Archives

PanOceania background and history

Infinity O-12 Podcast for other faction histories

1:34:34 – Mission Debrief

Campaign: Paradiso missions 202 & 203


2:15:21 – MayaCast Masterclass

Painting MDF Terrain

Master G233 Airbrush

Ghost Tints


2:55:03 – The War Room

ARO beyond Link Teams

How to deal with Total Reaction troops


3:24:09 – Painting Contest

Congratulations to everyone that entered!

See all of the entries on our Facebook!

Steel Phalanx or Kuang Shi boxed set goes to our winner…


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Infinity Terrain – Tom’s Micro Art Studios Buildings

Here are the MAS District 5 apartment buildings Tom built and painted up for our local Infinity games.

Infinity Terrain – Kip’s Micro Art Studios stuff

Here are the Micro Art buildings and accessories Kip has painted up for our local tables.

Great looking stuff, and enough objectives to cover whole tournaments!