NEW Hassassin Bahram Starter Pack!

Shown off at GenCon, and available next month with the September New Releases for Infinity The Game, is the brand new starter pack for the Hassassin Bahram Sectorial Army of Haqqislam.

The pack includes three Daylami, an Hassassin Áyyãr, an Hassassin Muyib, and an Hassassin Farzan. Check out all of the concept dossiers, 3D renders, and fully-painted miniatures below!


Arizona Armageddon Sponsor: Studio Ultramega

Check out this stunning Clausewitz Uhlan painted by Tommy Back, Studio Ultramega, for Arizona Armageddon!

image1 image2 image3

Check out all of Tommy’s stunning miniatures on the Studio Ultramega Facebook page. Also check him out on twitter at @tommyback_back.  With Tom Schadle Miniatures no longer accepting painting commissions, I would wholeheartedly suggest you reach out to Tommy for all of your Infinity painting needs!


MayaCast MasterGlass Q1 2016: Dynamic Duo

Here is a gallery of all of the fantastic paint jobs that we received for our Dynamic Duo painting contest! Make sure to listen to Episode 77 to hear the winners announced, and to see what we have in store for Quarter Two!

MayaCast MasterGlass Q2 Contest Winners

Check out the beautiful entries that claimed the top three slots in our Second Quarter MayaCast MasterGlass competition.

Congrats to our overall winner, Dmitry Bogdanov, for his absolutely stunning Shasvastii Sphinx TAG conversion!

In a very close Second Place, Sam Benson with this gorgeous Gecko TAG.

And rounding out the top three is Josh Van Zaane with an incredible Jotum TAG.

Also, congratulations go out to our raffle winners Frederick Pettersen and Neil McManus! We encourage everyone to participate in our next Contest, as everyone is eligible for a random prize draw! Thanks to all the participants – you guys did a GREAT job!

Infinity Terrain – Tom’s Underground Lasers

Tom’s collection of Underground Lasers terrain for Infinity gaming. We like to use the small square cubes as Dropships in scenarios that call for them.

Tom’s Tohaa – Part 1

Here are some of Tom’s Tohaa models that are fighting against Kip’s Aleph for supremacy on Paradiso.