Tom’s Tohaa – Part 1

Here are some of Tom’s Tohaa models that are fighting against Kip’s Aleph for supremacy on Paradiso.

Infinity Terrain – Tom’s Barricades

Walls and barricades from Defiance Games and Brush4Hire

Kip’s Aleph – Part 2

Here are the rest of Kip’s finished Aleph models, featuring Achilles and his Myrmidons.

Kip’s Aleph – Part 1

Kip has been busy painting up Aleph models this year. Here’s some of what he has gotten done.

Tomorrow we will hit you up with Achilles and his Myrmidons!

Infinity Terrain – Tom’s Warsenal Stuff

Artful terrain elements from Warsenal that Tom has painted up for our local Infinity games.

Infinity Terrain – Tom’s Micro Art Studios Buildings

Here are the MAS District 5 apartment buildings Tom built and painted up for our local Infinity games.

Tom’s PanOceania – Part 2

Here are more of Tom’s painted PanO collection.