Daedlus’ Fall Pre-Order

From Corvus Belli:

We are pleased to inform you that from next March 11th to April 1st, a new Corvus Belli pre-order will take place.

· DAEDALUS’ FALL Book – This is the latest expansion for INFINITY. The new campaign book (+1 exclusive miniature BRAWLER HACKER only during pre-order). Daedalus’ Fall is an Infinity’s expansion campaign book that includes new unreleased background material and new campaign rules that will be the joy of all players.

· SPIRAL CORPS ARMY PACK– Army pack box that includes 10 miniatures (+1 exclusive miniature HATAIL SPEC-OPS only during pre-order). 
Spiral Corps belongs to NA2 (the non-alligned armies). It’s composed of veterans of the Tohaa Army and some human mercenaries who operate in the Human Sphere following a secret mission.

· DAEDALUS’ FALL Bundle– For all those customers who decide to get both products they will also get the limited edition miniature SAITO TOGAN, MERCENARY NINJA.

All these miniatures, armies, expansions, fluff and rules will be described in detail in the next upcoming themed week of videos on the Corvus Belli Youtube channel to be published on Monday March 11th.


MayaCast Episode 68: Infinity Fireteams – Part 4

On Episode 68 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip review the Fireteams available in the Sectorial armies of the Nomads (Jurisdictional Commands of Corregidor and Bakunin) and the Combined Army (Morats and Shasvastii). They remind everyone about the Q1 2016 MayaCast Masterglass painting competition – Dynamic Duo – and promote Infinity events coming up around the world.

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MayaCast Episode 68

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Heavy Infantry

Guillermo Hernandez
JR Gonzalez
Mark Jeffrey
Scott Yanos
Sterling Rutherford
Andy Akins
Juri Roltsev
Fenge Jørgensen
Mike Stevens
Rand Eaton
Matthew Hauser
John Horton
Dexter Esmaya

Medium Infantry

Tor Swanson
Bryan Zoleta
Stefan Moser
Jordan Mechanic
Sam Benson
Chad Tompkins
Alex Haberman
Alexander Haynes
Reece Gordon
Dylan Gould
Fabian Siemon
Thomas Ryan
Ben Addison
Christopher Menking
Niko Nevala
stuart hale
Bradley Ingram
gaspard levavasseur
Joel Craig
David LaVigne
Jamie Armstrong
Gavin Willins
Chris Sprules
Jeffrey Flint
Nathan Wise
Todd Thorhauer
Andreas Ringqvist
Dawfydd Kelly
Dan Barnaby
William Burch
Rob Bent
Rolf Kunisch
Nathan Carraway
Eric Olds
John Persson
Tim Andresen
John Persson
Preston Thomas
Killian McKeever
Brian Aherne
Neill McManus
Lone Pathfinder
Dylan Friesen
Nat Lanza
Bob Fletcher
Derek Schmidt
Matthew Webb
Keld Hjortskov
Brian Sant

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David Jarrett
Matthew Dickson
Tom Killingbeck
Derrick Cochran
Phil Brown
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Luke Taylor
Derrick Cochran
William Pitts

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